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445th Medical Detachment Veterinary Services

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Commander: LTC Black

Soldiers with MWDs.The mission of the 445th Medical Detachment (VS) is to provide mission support operations, throughout the CENTCOM area of responsibility, to maintain quality assurance through food inspection, zoonotic disease control, and to care for U.S. and Coalition Military Working Dogs.



Soldier doing food safety inspection.The 445th Medical Detachment (VS) mobilized in support of Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and 2008. The two-fold mission of the 445th Medical Detachment is to ensure the wholesomeness and safety of all subsistence in the AOR while also providing primary veterinary healthcare for U.S. and Coalition Forces Military Working Dogs (MWDs). A secondary, but significant, contribution made by the 445th is in the area of “host nation support and education”.




Soldiers sitting on a mountain top with MWD.The 445th has participated in smaller missions that last from 2-12 weeks. The medrete/vetrete in Guatemala and Bright Star in Egypt are two examples.  The vetretes are humanitarian missions that last from 2-3 weeks. The Army Reserve Veterinary Corps team works with the host nation veterinarians and technicians to treat livestock and pets. 


Soldiers outside a tent.Bright Star is a multi national task force in peace keeping.  This mission occurs every 2 years and lasts for 6-12 weeks.


Veterinarian doing a teeth cleaning on a dog.Sometimes soldiers volunteer for missions in other countries.  Cpt McElroy joined the 72nd Med Det for their mission in Germany.  The main mission was to provide veterinarian services for soldier’s pets (veterinary clinics for pets overseas).

For more information on the opportunities that the army has to offer you contact us at arvsopportunities@ln.amedd.army.mil

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